About Us

Fairpockets is a technology and digital advertising organization for real estate clients. Fairpockets is helping Real Estate builders and brokers to operate their businesses with more ease with the help of technology.

Fairpockets is a Noida-based B2B Technology startup, we provide a platform to all Real Estate Builders and Brokers who want to manage their leads more efficiently and also help them in generating new leads through our performance marketing services.

With our expertise in technology, we have developed a very simple, easy-to-use Real Estate CRM software that is being used by many real estate agents across the country. We have a very unique solution for real estate Builders or developers where apart from CRM, we also provide them with a broker management system where they can share Project and Inventory details with the brokers and can complete their entire coordination.

Our digital marketing services include lead generation for real estate clients. Apart from Lead generation or Performance marketing we also provide Social media management and a Lead Exchange Platform.

We have the best people from the digital marketing industry to generate exclusive qualified leads for your project, create a landing page and manage your social media account.

Our vision is to empower the businesses of our Real Estate clients and make them unbeatable.

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